Tales of the Olde Sea

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Tales of the Olde Sea

Tales of the Olde Sea
Tales of the Olde Sea
Tales of the Olde Sea

Tales of the Olde Sea

A live music theatre show presented by Solferino Cinemas & Entertainment held its premiere season performances in September-October 2018.

Tales of the Olde Sea takes you on a rollicking sea journey into the past incorporating tales of olden-day seafaring peoples along with music, storytelling and poetry.  Listen to Traditional Sea Shanties, hear stories and poetry from Ancient Seafaring Cultures and discover the Mysterious Creatures of the Deep.  Learn of the World’s Ocean Mythology and its evocative ancient legends passed down along with the true history of cunning and marauding Pirates. 

The show is a mixture of comedy, mystery, adventure and fun set to traditional and original music, poetry, text and song and narrated with a lot of humorous sailor talk that underpins many of our modern-day English expressions.  Extracts from Homer's Odyssey describes the inexplicable sea.  Played on the Harp are haunting Irish songs about beautiful Celtic fables.  Listen to curious 'true' mystery tales like The Flying Dutchman Ship, Ancient Sea Giants, Ghost Ships, Sea Silkies, Sirens and the adventures of real Pirates. 

Written and Directed by Aanya Mary it is performed by a live ensemble featuring a Harper, Singer and Musician who also all share the storytelling.

Season Performances
(held to date)


7pm - Saturday 22nd September 2018 (SPECIAL PREMIERE)
3pm - Sunday 23rd September 2018 (Matinee)

Katoomba Community Hall
81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba  NSW  2780 (Blue Mountains NSW)


7pm - Saturday 29th September 2018 (Evening)
3pm - Sunday 30th September 2018 (Matinee)

Mechanics' Institute Hall
284 Great Western Highway, Lawson  NSW  2783 (Blue Mountains NSW)

7pm - Saturday 13th October 2018 (Evening)

The Crystal Theatre
Wolgan St, Portland  NSW  2847 (Central West NSW)

Presented by Solferino Cinemas & Entertainment

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